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The Latest Innovation in Knee Orthopedics


Exactech, is a developer and producer of bone and joint restoration products as well as biologic solutions for extremities, knee, and hip. They have announced a lineup of new products designed to improve outcomes for joint replacements. These innovations can sometimes be missed when it comes to alerting the public. We understand how hard it is to find more answers for your diagnosis and that is why MEDcraze is here to help.

Exactech innovations include:


According to, this is the only computer-assisted surgical technology that supports shoulder and knee arthroplasty. According to a recent company press release,” The software updates enhance the compact, surgeon-controlled system while a new consignment model eliminates the capital purchase process, making the latest innovations even more readily accessible to surgeons.”

Truliant Total Knee System explains that this is an award-winning system that now offers porous implant options for surgeons who prefer a non-cemented approach. This system actually integrates with the ExactechGPS, utilizing those updates.

InterSep mentions InterSep and that it is a 100% synthetic calcium sulfate bone void filler engineered to fully resorb and replace bone during the healing process.

According to Exactech’s website, CEO David Petty states, “For 30 years, the things that have made Exactech stand out from the competition have remained the same – our surgeon-focused culture and patient-driven innovations. Now, we’re investing even more in delivering solutions to benefit patients.”

The medical world is constantly changing when it comes to innovations, technology, and treatments. This is good news, as all of these new innovations and technologies are helping patients for the better every day. New ways to cure or help a patient is the goal and we want to make sure you stay updated. However, it is hard to always catch what’s new unless it becomes a big news story that is spread across television and social media.

Fortunately, MEDcraze can help you find out about all of the new advancements for your diagnosis. If you want reliable information about the next steps you can take with your diagnosis, visit


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