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New 3D Mammograms for Breast Cancer Detection


Many women are familiar with a mammogram as a diagnostic tool for detecting abnormalities in breast tissue. Screening mammograms are used when there isn’t a clear sign of cancer, like a lump. It will allow the doctors to see inside of the breast, should there be any signs of cancer that are unseen to the naked eye. However, if a lump had been suspected before, the mammogram will also look deeper into the breast to see the severity of the lump and if there is anything else that would appear concerning. MEDcraze makes information on mammograms and other technologies like it, available to you by just typing a question!

According to the site, “about 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.” So clearly, there is a need for other ways to detect breast cancer earlier.  

Now, health care providers are offering 3D mammography. This FDA-approved technology takes many pictures of breast tissue to create a 3-dimensional picture of the breast. A traditional mammogram obtains just one picture of the breast, but both are read on a computer.

Women today should consider 3D mammography, as it provides a clearer picture and detects cancer earlier. Not only will it detect cancer or other abnormalities, but it also helps doctors see the size of the cancer – which is much harder to detect on a traditional mammogram.

An issue traditional mammograms run into is false positives. With a 3D mammogram, doctors are able to see the breast more in-depth, preventing this problem.

If patients are worried about the 3D mammogram releasing more radiation than the traditional, they are not to worry. Even though this technology is far more advanced, it released the same amount of radiation, providing no greater risk to the patient.

One downfall with the 3D mammograms is the fact that it may not be covered by all insurance plans. If you’re in need of a mammogram and would like to take advantage of this new technology to provide you with better results, contact your insurance provider today and find out if you’re covered. Learn more about new technologies and innovations by asking our experts questions on This platform is made for you to find out further options after you’ve been diagnosed. Ask and explore on MEDcraze today.


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