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How MEDcraze Works


You’ve just received a diagnosis and you’re probably stressed and overwhelmed. Most people would go home and Google what they have just been diagnosed with. However, the internet can be a scary, misleading place. You can’t trust everything you read on there. Until now. MEDcraze is a medical innovation platform where experts and clinicians are ready to answer your questions and provide you with the latest information on advances in medical devices and treatments.

Here’s how it works. Patients will go to the Ask a Question page and type in their diagnosis and their question about treatment options.  You can also find all of the questions that have been asked regarding that particular diagnosis by going to the Diagnosis page and searching for your condition.

For example, a patient can search “hernia” and see questions asked by other users such as, “I have an inguinal hernia – any new meshes I can talk to my surgeon about?” Once a question has been submitted, a moderator will review the question at the back end of the site and publish it. Then, experts and clinicians will be able to see it published on the site and they can answer and provide you with the necessary information.

You can have an online dialog with that expert and ask additional questions. You can use that conversation and go to your doctor to have an empowered, informed conversation regarding the latest treatment options.

Your doctor is busy and may not be up to speed on the latest advanced, new technologies and innovations that could potentially help your condition. This is why you can depend on MEDcraze. After you’ve obtained the information you needed, you can bring what you’ve learned to your doctor and have a more empowered and informed conversation to discuss further options.

MEDcraze is the new innovative medical platform that can help empower you to learn more about how to treat your condition and start a new, elevated conversation with your trusted clinician and healthcare provider. Visit today to start your medical journey.

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