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Genetesis is a medical technology company that provides biomagnetic imaging solutions. They are dedicated to providing healthcare professionals and patients with reliable and safe products that simplify patient care.

The Mission

Our goal with Genetesis, as with all of our sponsors, was to bring patient awareness to their innovative technology, the CardioFlux MCG™, a non-invasive biomagnetic imaging system that requires no exercise or patient exposure to radiation. 

Our Strategy

Cardiovascular Disease Topic Page

Sponsored Topic Page

We worked with Genetesis to choose a topic page that would provide the best fit to showcase their products. Together we settled on our Cardiovascular Disease topic page.

Rather than utilize our network of physician content contributors, Genetesis chose to use their own key opinion leader to present their MCG technology on the topic page.

Genetesis provided us with a topic introduction video from their KOL as well as two banner ads. The banner ads and video were added to the Cardiovascular Disease topic page. Each of the banner ads link to the Genetesis homepage.

Going Live

Once the topic page was live, we made it the Featured Technology on our homepage. The topic page was also visible in our recent topics feeds that appear on every page throughout our site.

Marketing Strategy

Our strategy was to create multiple ad campaigns focused on the topic of Cardiovascular Disease. We wanted to only target our specific audience: people who may have cardiovascular disease.

Targeted visitors will be provided with information about cardiovascular disease, presented by a physician, which builds trust and shows authority.

As the visitor is educated about magnetocardiography, they will see both Genetesis banner ads, giving them the opportunity to click to learn more.

The Results



Campaign Reach


Topic Pageviews


Banner Link Clicks


Click Through Rate (CTR)


Avg. Time on Page


Over a span of 60 days, our Cardiovascular Disease marketing campaign ads were seen by over 520 thousand people. Of these, 21,843 visited the topic page.

This campaign also created engagement. Out of the 21k visits, 1,515 clicked on a banner or link and visited the Genetesis homepage, giving the campaign a 6.9% click-through rate.

The average time spent on the topic page was 2 minutes and 13 seconds, which also shows the visitors were engaged with the content and messaging.

Ad Shares


Ad Saves


Ad Likes


In addition to visits to the MEDcraze Cardiovascular Disease topic page, the ads for this campaign received a healthy amount of user engagement.

Users shared the ads 392 times to their networks, spreading the message further.

The ads were saved 402 times and “liked” 932 times. This shows that the campaign ad messaging resonates with users.



The campaign received 167 comments across the various ads. The comments seen here are just a small sample of the overall comments and questions.

US Visitors


The campaign was focused on visitors from the US. As expected, 99.5% of visitors to the page during the timeframe of this case study were located in the United States.

Age 65+






The gender split for this Cardiovascular Disease campaign was 31% men and 69% women. 5% of visitors were aged 45-54, 16% were aged 55-64, and 78% were aged 65 and up.

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