MEDcraze Platform Package

The MEDcraze Platform Package is our basic platform access package. This gives your technology full visibility with its own landing page and a featured technology write up on your choice of a diagnosis page. The platform package also gives you access to our on-demand, targeted marketing campaigns, for an additional cost.

For only $99 per month, the MEDcraze Platform Package includes:

MEDcraze Platform Package

*additional fees apply

Enroute Carotid Stenting System

Mission Statement

MEDcraze is a unique online health resource for Patients, Clinicians and Industry.

For PATIENTS, if you have been recently diagnosed, or have an upcoming surgical procedure, you can now obtain unprecedented access to technologies that address your medical circumstance. You can then take this information and have an elevated discussion, based on technology, with your healthcare provider.

For CLINICIANS, MEDcraze teaches patients about the various products and technologies available, leading to an educated discussion about their particular needs. A patient who has educated themselves makes the physician-patient interaction much more enriching.

For INDUSTRY, MEDcraze provides a medium for new health technologies to be seen by their target audiences. We connect new technologies to their intended customers, creating an unprecedented opportunity for the medical industry.

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77% of visitors are 45+


60% Female / 40% Male
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Our Statistics


pageviews last 3 months


of MEDcraze visitors are located in the United States

1 minute 55 seconds

average time on each page


of visitors use mobile phones or tablets to access MEDcraze.com.


visitors sent to industry websites, where they learn more about innovative technologies.


MEDcraze has an Alexa.com United States ranking of 38,966.

What is an Alexa ranking?

Alexa.com rank measures the popularity of a website, based on estimated traffic and visitor engagement over the past 3 months. The lower the rank the more popular the site is.

Alexa ranks websites from #1 to seemingly infinity. In 2020, there are about 1.5 billion websites that can be ranked by the Alexa algorithm. This chart shows the United States Alexa rankings for MEDcraze and other medical industry websites.

Alexa Rankings

Search Visibility

Google considers MEDcraze an authoritative website.

We not only have many top 3 Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings for industry search terms like “RADenoid blade”, “Mitek GII Anchor”, and “Bard dual mesh”, but we also rank on the first page for many diagnoses and procedure searches like “Micromastia” and “Scaphoidectomy”.

Scaphoidectomy MSN search results
Here MSN/Bing not only ranks us #1, but also uses MEDcraze.com for the official definition of “Scaphoidectomy”.


Visitors actively searching for terms like these presents a unique opportunity to get your message and innovative products in front of these visitors.

All of our advertising solutions include backlinks from MEDcraze to your site, allowing your website to benefit from our SEO authority.

A backlink is a link from one website to another. Earning backlinks is an important aspect of SEO.

Industry Opportunities


Case Studies

Genetesis Logo

Genetesis is a medical technology company that provides biomagnetic imaging solutions dedicated to providing healthcare professionals and patients with reliable and safe products that simplify patient care.

Elliquence Logo

Elliquence designs and develops minimally invasive spine, interventional radiology, pain management, and neurosurgical medical devices.

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