• The Stryker Exeter™ is a cemented, stainless steel partial hip replacement prosthesis that is often used for unstable femoral neck fractures. It takes advantage of the improved outcomes with cementation with t

  • Hip prostheses were first developed to treat chronic infections within the hip joint in 1891 using ivory to replace the femoral head. Later designs used glass and stainless steel to replace the femur. The problem

  • The Stryker Global Modular Replacement System Proximal Femur™ allows the surgeon to recreate the femur part of the hip joint completely with a prosthesis. It has tunnels that allow for the restoration of hip m

  • ACL Rupture

    Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures are extremely common sports-related injuries. These often occur due to non-contact pivoting motions or after direct hits to the outside of the knee while playing sports.

  • Historically the first ACL reconstructions were done through a large incision and putting part of a tendon taken from another part of the body into the knee to act as a stabilizer. However, as technology and

  • The first ACL reconstruction techniques were done by suturing the graft directly to the bone, however this did not allow for tensioning the graft and was overall a poor fixation technique. Tension on the

  • Arthrex Graftlink™ is a system optimized for minimally invasive surgery. It uses special reverse, flip-cutting drills that can create easily directed tunnels in the tibia and femur and cortical button and s

  • Hand Arthritis

    Arthritis of the hand affects millions of people, particularly in older populations. Arthritis can result from wear-and-tear, also called primary osteoarthritis, or from certain disease processes such as

  • Joint fusion was the mainstay of treatment for hand arthritis for many years. In the early 1900s, however, surgeons started perform surgery to place tissue between the bone ends to prevent direct contact within

  • Joint replacement of the hand has continuously advanced as better implant materials have been developed. Metal hinge joints were initially developed, but were wrought with complications. Joint replacement today

  • Integra Ascension MCP Joint Replacement™ is a PyroCarbon based joint replacement that takes advantage of exceptional wear characteristics and bio- compatibility of PyroCarbon for the replacement of the MCPJ. T

  • Biceps Tendonitis

    Biceps tendonitis is a common cause of shoulder pain in the front of the shoulder. It is most common in patients who perform overhead activities, whether for sport or for work. Front of the shoulder is often very

  • Surgical treatment of biceps tendonitis is often performed through the technique of arthroscopy. This is the surgical technique of making small incisions around the shoulder, using a small camera to look inside

  • Reattaching the biceps tendon to the arm bone in a tenodesis procedure can be done by several techniques including bone tunnels, interference screws, and suture anchors. These techniques are all performed through

  • Arthrex FiberTak™ is an all suture-based suture anchor that can be used to reattach the proximal biceps through a minimally invasive approach. All suture-based anchors provide rigid fixation with minimal bone l

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