• At Sientra, we are committed to providing plastic surgeons with intuitive, elegant solutions—as reflected in our innovative round and shaped product lines.

    Luxe™ Round Gel Imp

  • MENTOR® MemoryShape® Breast Implants shape the breast and have a unique, tapered appearance. Unlike round breast implants, MENTOR® MemoryShape® Breast Implants are teardrop shaped, meaning they are thinner

  • Biodesign is a line of mammary implants developed by SILIMED to provide customized solutions to each woman’s biotype. The great diversity in shapes and sizes allows the surgeon to provide a customized result to

  • For more than 30 years, Sebbin has never stopped innovating to offer a complete range of quality silicone implants to meet the individual needs of each patient.

    Mammary implants

    All of our implants are

  • For over three decades, under the Nagor® brand, GC Aesthetics has been developing new and exciting products within the breast implant market.


    Smooth or Nagotex™ Mid-textured surfa

  • Using medical silicone for long term implantations, complying with ISO 14949 and approved by FDAImplants with CE marking certified by the notified organization KiwaAutogenous welding of occlusion disc with the en

  • Dual-sided ePTFE Mesh for intraabdominal ventral hernia repair

    Dulex™ Mesh is a dual-sided ePTFE mesh designed for ventral hernia repair. On one side is a micro-porous structure designed to minimize visceral a

  • Polypropylene and Permanent ePTFE Barrier Designed for Ventral Hernia Repair

    The Bard® Composix™ E/X Mesh, combines two clinically proven biomaterials, Bard® polypropylene mesh and ePTFE, into one produc

  • Parietex ProGrip™ self-fixating mesh delivers security, patient comfort and ease of use. Its advanced microgrip technology provides immediate fixation of the entire mesh surface for a secure repair and even di

  • The Morphix® Suture Anchor is designed for the reattachment of soft tissue (tendons and ligaments) to bone in tenodesis, tendon transfer, and ligament repair procedures.

    The design of the Morphix Suture Anc

  • Arthrex suture anchors are designed to repair soft tissue to bone through a variety of innovative anchor styles, materials and suture configurations.

  • Cianna Medical believes women deserve better when it comes to breast cancer care. This is why we developed the SCOUT wire-free radar localization system. SCOUT uses radar for a zero-radiation and wire-free

  • Better screening and improved breast cancer awareness has led to some cancers being identified before they are able to be felt through the skin. In such cases, it is necessary to “mark” the cancer prior to sur

  • The cavity left over from the removed tissue often fills with fluid that eventually scars down over several years. This healing process may worsen the appearance of the breast and may also make post-operative

  • Throughout history and to this day, surgery has had a major role in the treatment of breast cancer. In the late 19th century, the standard surgery for breast cancer was the radical mastectomy. This surgical

  • Surgical repair of Umbilical/Ventral/Incisional Hernias involves reducing the abdominal contents back into the abdomen and repair or the wall defect either primarily with suture or with a covered material placed

  • A nerve allograft (a graft from a donor) may be used from a living or dead donor. If the allograft is inserted fresh, with all the nerve cells intact, the patient, like an organ recipient, will often have to be

  • The method of nerve repair also depends on the type of injury and the amount of nerve that is injured. The simplest method of repair is called direct repair and it works best when the injury is a clean cut

  • Watch below as I discuss the different types of breast implants.

    The first “breast augmentation” surgery was done in 1895 when a lipoma (benign fat tumor) was successfully removed from a patients torso and

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