• Shoulder Osteoarthritis

    Shoulder osteoarthritis can be significant cause of pain and disability in the upper extremity. Cartilage helps allow for motion in the joints of the body, but it can be degraded over time. The glenohumeral or

  • There exist a wide variety of treatment options for shoulder osteoarthritis. Conservative measures can be used such as physical therapy and corticosteroid injections into the glenohumeral joint. However, because

  • The modern era of shoulder replacement began in the 1950s, but was the techniques and implants we most commonly see today were developed in the 1980s. Total shoulder replacement (also referred to as

  • The Stryker ReUnion® TSA system is an option for total shoulder replacements. The ReUnion® system has an all polyethylene glenoid component that removes the possibility of wear between a polyethylene liner and m

  • Hip Fracture

    Hip fractures are one of the most common surgically treated fractures of the lower extremity in the United States and are most likely to be seen in elderly people after a fall from standing. While they are low

  • The primary goals of hip fracture surgery are twofold: decrease the pain associated with the fractured femur bone, but more importantly get patients back to walking. Historically, the treatment of fractures of

  • Femoral nailing is an attractive option for the treatment of hip fractures. This is a minimally invasive technique only requiring small incisions of the skin and does not require the large dissection needed for

  • The Gamma nail was first used in 1985 and the design has been improved upon over the years. A small incision is made lateral portion of the buttocks and the nail is inserted inside the femur. Attached to the

  • Femoral Neck Fracture

    Femoral neck fractures are a serious injury that either happen in elderly patients with poor bone quality or in younger patients who sustain a high energy trauma such as a serious motor vehicle accident. These

  • The anatomy of the femora neck makes it very difficult to treat with a plate and screws. There exists a large amount of force that is transmitted through the femoral neck with ambulation, and many of these

  • Historically they have treated with independent screws placed into the femoral neck, but this provides no compression to encourage bone healing. There have also been many plating systems, but these often require

  • The Femoral Neck System was designed by Depuy Synthes to address some of these challenges. It is a plate and screw system that was specifically engineered for femoral neck open reduction and internal fixation. It

  • Distal Radius Fracture

    Fractures of the distal radius are very common injuries to the upper extremity. People who are at high risk are the elderly, people with osteoporosis and specifically women who have already undergone

  • One of the main goals of orthopedic surgery is restoration of pre-injury anatomy, and distal radius surgery is not exception. There exist many different options for surgical treatment of these fractures. One of

  • The advent of volar locking plates has seemed to solve some of these issues. Popularized in the early 2000s, these plates allow for stable fixation of the fracture so that patients may begin early range of motion

  • The Acu-Lock Wrist Plating System by Accumed is one of these commonly used volar locking plates for distal radius fractures. These system offers a wide variety of plates that are specifically contoured to fit the

  • Distal Biceps Rupture

    Tears of the distal biceps account for 10% of biceps injuries. The are most commonly seen in men in their 40s after an attempt to contract the muscle with the elbow fully extended. This causes the tendon to tear

  • The Arthrex Distal BicepsButton™ allows the surgeon to take advantage of the increased load to failure of cortical suspensory fixation techniques. It also has a built in tension slide technique so that the s

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