• Intramedullary screws are type of implant designed to sit within the bone being fixated. Benefits of intramedullary fixation include little to no hardware prominence, ease of implantation, and the allowance of

  • Superior Labral From Anterior to Posterior (SLAP) Tear

    A superior labral tear from anterior to posterior (SLAP) tear is a specific injury to the glenoid labrum that commonly affects overhead athletes. A SLAP tear occurs to the superior aspect of the labrum. Unlike

  • Treatment of SLAP tears varies based on a variety of factors. Patient age, activity level and the anatomy of the tear all portend differing treatment strategies. Repair of the SLAP tear is the preferred treatment

  • The Smith and Nephew Osteoraptor is the first bioabsorbable anchor to incorporate hydroxyapatite. This naturally occurring mineral has been shown to promote bone replacement, and has a consistent and gradual

  • The Mitek GII Anchor (QUICKANCHOR)™ is an interference fit anchor designed to provide quick insertion and excellent pullout strength. It comes preloaded with Orthocord, Panacryl or Ethibond sutures, each which p

  • Jones Fracture

    Proximal fifth metatarsal base fractures, or Jones fractures, are a common injury sustained by both athletes and laypeople alike. Often occurring secondary to trauma, Jones fractures occur in a vascular watershed

  • Recently, surgeons have become much more aggressive with treating Jones fractures surgically in the acute setting. They cite high union, return to play and satisfaction rates as reasons to pursue early operative

  • Intramedullary screws are type of implant designed to sit within the bone being fixated. Benefits of intramedullary fixation include little to no hardware prominence, ease of implantation, and the allowance of

  • The Wright Medical OrthoLoc 2 is an anatomically designed intramedullary screw designed to reduce the risk of post-operative impingement on adjacent bones. It offers a dual-compression design and the titanium

  • The Arthrex Jones Fracture repair system is an all-in-one surgical system that offers both screw and plate fixation options for Jones fractures. The titanium screws come in a variety of sizes to optimized

  • The Stryker Asnis JFX™ is an intramedullary screw specifically deisgned for the fixation of Jones fractures. They come in both cannulated and solid-core designs in 4.0mm, 5.0mm and 6.0mm diameters. The screws o

  • Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

    Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is a common cause of hip pain in young and middle-aged individuals. It is caused by an underlying anatomical abnormality which alters the normal biomechanics of the hip joint.

  • The mainstay of treatment of femoroaceatabular impingement is correction of any underlying bony abnormality. Currently, this is performed through hip arthroscopy. A combination of burrs and shavers are used to

  • Much research and development has been performed regarding the utilization of existing and new technology for hip arthroscopy. Intraoperative navigation systems have been developed to aid surgeons in determining

  • The Stryker Hip Check™ is the first-ever intraoperative navigation system for hip arthroscopy performed for correction of underlying CAM-type FAI. Hip Check™ utilizes intraoperative fluoroscopy to generate sid

  • The treatment of choice for labral tears is direct repair of the labrum back to the glenoid. This repair restores the soft-tissue buttress to anterior and/or posterior translation of the humeral head on the

  • Suture anchors are the technology of choice when performing labral repair. A variety of suture anchor types exist, each with their own benefits and limitations. Suture anchors contain three components: the

  • The Arthrex FiberTak soft anchors come with both curved and straight guide delivery systems, and the small 1.6 mm drills ensure minimal bone is removed during insertion. They, like the Gryphon, are offered in

  • The Stryker Iconix family of anchors offers a wide range of suture anchors which give surgeons the freedom to choose the perfect implant when performing labral repair. The guide, anchor and drill are all color

  • The Mitek GRYPHON Suture Anchor™ was specifically designed to be used for reattachment of glenoid labrum to bone. The anchor is constructed of BIOCRYL RAPIDEĀ®, which demonstrates predictable resorption and bo

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