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  • The technology used to repair or fix the hip has evolved significantly. Initial repair methods used basic plate and screw constructs that required prolonged periods of nonweightbearing on the injured leg.

  • The Synthes Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) is one of several options for sliding hip screw constructs. The large screw in the bone, called the lag screw, is made of stainless steel and has threads at the tip of the

  • Ankle Arthritis

    Ankle arthritis, also called osteoarthritis of the ankle, refers to a degenerative condition of the ankle joint in which there is progressive loss of cartilage between the talus and tibia bones (or the tibiotalar

  • Treatment will typically start without surgery and includes NSAIDs, rest, activity modification, and bracing. As symptoms progress, however, surgical intervention may be able to improve patients’ pain.

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  • Ankle replacement is typically performed through a single incision over the front of the ankle. After safely dissecting down to the joint line the bone cut in the tibia is typically planned first. This can be

  • The Wright Medical PROPHECY navigation system is a virtual surgical planning (VSP) process that starts with a pre-operative CT scan to define the specific dimensions of each patient’s ankle joint. From this s

  • Tibial Plateau Fracture

    The upper end of the shin bone (tibia) is known as the plateau. It is relatively flat, and makes up the lower end of the knee joint. Injuries to the tibial plateau are usually caused by a large amount of weight

  • Fixing breaks in the tibial plateau is usually performed with plates and screws and is performed through incisions through the medial or lateral skin over the knee. Care is taken during the surgery to avoid the

  • Fixation of the tibial plateau is usually performed using plates and screws. Due to the poor quality of bone in the tibial plateau, however, normal plates and screws have been insufficient for fixation in some

  • The Zimmer-Biomet ALPS proximal tibia plating system is one of the next evolutions of locked plating. The plates included in this system are low profile and are designed to minimize discomfort to the patient.

  • Plantar Plate Rupture

    The plantar plate is a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the joint connecting the toe to the foot, known as the metatarsophalangeal joint or MTP joint. The plantar plate acts as an anchor,

  • Plantar plate repair is performed through an incision over the MTP joint on the top of the foot, or the dorsal surface. The MTP joint is pulled apart to allow for visualization of the underside of the joint where

  • Plantar plate repair has continued to evolve as a treatment option for plate ruptures due to specialized guides and tools used to work within the confined space of the MTP joint. Before the advent of these t

  • The GRAVITY plantar plate system is a streamlined and easy to use plantar plate repair system made by Wright Medical. Several innovative tools are included in the system including a double barrel drill guide and

  • Lisfranc Injury

    Lisfranc injuries describe a disruption of the Lisfranc ligament that connects two bones (the medial cuneiform and the second metatarsal) in the middle of the foot. These injuries can vary widely in how severe

  • Treatment of these injuries varies based on how the Lisfranc ligament is disrupted: either a tear in the ligament itself or fractures in the bones around the ligament. Lisfranc injuries with fractures can usually

  • Suture bridge and other suspensory fixation methods typically refer to constructs that consist of a very strong piece of suture between two different structures. In the case of Lisfranc injuries this suture

  • The Arthrex InternalBrace system is a very versatile suture bridge construct consisting of very strong FiberTapeTM between a metal plate known as a cortical button and a bone anchor. In Lisfranc fixation the

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