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Small Breasts

Question: I have no idea how large I want to go but I've got a surgical consult with a plastic surgeon coming up... please provide me with some saline or silicone implant info I can discuss. Thanks! Are silicone implants even being used anymore?

Riverview, FL

I'm 35 and my kids drained my boobs. I'm a size B, or was, but want to go a little bigger, maybe.



Responder: Manny

Thank you very much for your question!
In general, all breast implants are made with a silicone shell. The filler material is either saline or silicone gel.
There have been significant advancements in the design and safety of silicone gel filled implants as well as implants in general.
Please speak to your treating physician regarding specific options for you. Hope that helps!

Responder: MEDcraze

Please discuss with your provider... http://www.mentorwwllc.com/global-us/Consumers.aspx

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