AJ Rastogi, MD is the CEO and Co-Founder of North American Spine & Pain Consultants.

Dr. Rastogi enjoys not just the art and the science of practicing pain management, but also considered the field a perfect fit for him early in his medical career. To him, it embodies the essence of being a doctor to take away pain. He also understands the importance of multi-modal therapy in treating all aspects of pain: physical and emotional.

Aside from his current focus is on advancing the state of interventional spine by investigating innovative new treatment options, Dr. Rastogi has completed multiple studies evaluating cutting edge minimally-invasive spinal procedures.

Dr. Rasgtogi also completed research at The University of Virginia on the analgesic effects of anticonvulsants. He authored many chapters concerning interventional spine procedures for professional textbooks.

Dr. Rastogi is also the national fellowship course director for multiple companies involved in developing emerging spine technology. He has trained over 400 physicians from both the US and internationally on a variety of interventional techniques.

Dr. Rastogi received his MD from the University of Virginia, and completed his residency and fellowship in pain management at the University of Pennsylvania.


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