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MEDcraze is a unique online community built by Patients, Clinicians and Industry.

If you have been recently diagnosed, or have an upcoming surgical procedure, you can now obtain unprecedented access to technologies that address your medical circumstance.

You can then take this information and have an elevated discussion, based on technology, with your healthcare provider.


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MEDcraze Connects Patients To Medical Technology

 MEDcraze connects patients to medical technology

For Patients

MEDcraze makes it possible for you to take charge of your diagnosis and become an active participant and informed patient on your healthcare journey. We’re here to give you access to all the new and innovative technologies – innovations you or your clinician likely have never heard of before.

Innovation can greatly impact your medical condition. Whether your diagnosis was recent or you’ve been living with your condition for a while, questions arise that you feel you’re unable to answer. When you’re looking beyond answers that you have already obtained, our leaders in the healthcare industry are there to help.

Simply search topics that address your medical circumstance. If you can't find the topic you are looking for, please request a new topic. Our experts will research your topic and help you discover the latest medical technologies related to your diagnosis.

Melissa's Story

Breast Cancer Survivor - The Story Behind MEDcraze


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Couldn't find the topic you were looking for? Let our experts know and they will research your topic and help you discover any new medical technologies related to your diagnosis. Request a new topic using the form below:

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